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15 November 2007 @ 08:04 pm
Name: Jade
User Name: alanwolfmoon</b></a>
Email: Jade@lpmd.org
I can give: FanFics. Any kind(other than major AU or R+ for sex, ), but especially sick!(insertcharacterhere). I started out fanfiction writing prompts over at sick!Wilson and sick!House, so I got a lot of practice. graphics, though nothing all that fancy. Can do still icons, can animate, but will have to figure out the formatting required to make an animated icon. Oh, and I figured out what House's dark gray/blue car is. In case you really, really want that information for a fic or something.
I’d like to receive: There are probably upwards of twenty migraine!Wilson and migraine!House fics out there, but I've never seen a migraine!duckling fic. Other than that, fanfiction, icons with House in them, graphics, Cameron/Foreman anything, pregnant!Cuddy anything, silly stuff, and... anything. Really, not picky. Just no Cuddy/Wilson. Cannot receive snailmail.
Favorite Character(s): Gregory House
Favorite Couple(s): House/Anybody other than Cameron, Foreman/Cameron, Foreman/Chase

What I want for Christmas is:
My two front teeth. Seriously, give them back.
-An icon with sleepy!Wilson from Alone, that says something House/Wilson.
-An icon/graphic with the s4 part where House mimics how Foreman's leaning on his desk in the lecture hall differential room.
-An icon from poison, in the elevator at the end, when Foreman and House look down to see that they're wearing the same shoes.
-Any icon from "Needle in a Haystack" where House is in the wheelchair. Because he's a goof in that ep.
-Any s4 icon with house dancing at the end of mirror mirror, or doing something else silly.

Current Mood: sick
12 November 2007 @ 12:34 pm
Name: Grace
User Name: just_schtupp</lj>
Email: lisae_fan@hotmail.com
I can give: Fanvids for whatever your ship is, or Lisa Edelstein, snail mail, fanmixes, online gifts, anything, really.
I’d like to receive: I can't RECEIVE snail mail, as I'm not allowed to really give out my address, but I'd like to receive an online gift- see below.
Favorite Character(s): Cuddy
Favorite Couple(s): House/Cuddy

What I want for Christmas is:
-An extension on my paid account + an extension on my userpic space when it ends
-A Wireimage account would be fricken awesome, I always go on there longing for some of the pictures
-Or a fanmix, or just something you want! I'm flexible lol.
12 November 2007 @ 10:19 am
Name: Shana
User Name: waterhart
Email: IHaveMadPonySkill@hotmail.com
I can give: I can give fanart (I'm very good at icons), short fanfic, and a little sail mail.
I’d like to receive: Anything, I just like giveing things
Favorite Character(s): Foereman and Chase
Favorite Couple(s): Foreron(Foreman/Cameron is my LOVE!), Huddy, Foreman/Wilson, Foreman/House, Foreman/Chase.

What I want for Christmas is:
*Zach Braff!
*Dane Cook Tickets
*A shirt that says "I reject your reality and substitute my own."
*A Paid Account with more icon space.
*Music (I alway like to listening to new song I haven't heard of.
*NCIS on DVD seasons 2,3,4
*Grey's Anatomy on DVD 3 Season
Current Mood: calm
Current Music: Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall
10 November 2007 @ 07:37 pm
Name: Lani
User Name: scotlandaussie
Email: lanisfanfiction[at]gmail[dot]com
I can give: Fanfics, but the only pairings I will write are Chase/Wilson, House/Chase, or House/Wilson friendship. I won't write any heavy or dark themes such as non-con, character death, BDSM, etc. My favourite genres are slash, hurt/comfort, humour, some angst, some fluff. Fanvids, anything goes as I have all the seasons on DVD and Season 4 downloaded to date. I have no ship restrictions on my fanvids. Banners or colourbars/lovebars, I can personalise them if requested.
I’d like to receive: Fanart, fanfiction, animated icons, fanvids - anything really!
Favorite Character(s): Chase, Wilson & House (in that order)
Favorite Couple(s): Chase/Wilson and House/Chase

What I want for Christmas is:
- Animated icon of Chase giving House the final House vs God point on the whiteboard with the caption "No competition"
- Animated icon of Chase and Wilson walking side-by-side in 3x17 "Fetal Position" with the caption "My OTP"
- Animated icon of Wilson punching the air on the balcony in 2x17 "All In" with the caption "I stole Chase off Cameron"
- Any House/Chase or Chase/Wilson icons, animated or otherwise
- Fanfiction, Slash, House/Chase or Chase/Wilson only. No House/Chase/Wilson. Would adore a Sick!Chase fic where House or Wilson have to take care of him. Something a bit more serious than the flu, eg. concussion, food poisoning, bad migraine etc etc.
- Fanfiction, Chase is House's Patient of the Week.
- Anything on my AMAZON WISH LIST
09 November 2007 @ 11:21 pm
Name: Goosey
User Name: keeper_of_stars
Email: You can pm me on here. (Hello wonderful new LJ feature.)
I can give: Fan Fiction. Sorry but that’s all I’m good for. (My forte is Wilson but I’m also pretty good with Wilson/Cuddy and House/Cameron. I am of course, willing to give other characters and pairings a try.)
I’d like to receive: Fan Fiction. Graphics. Anything you want to come up with really. I’m not picky. Surprise me.
Favorite Character(s): James Wilson
Favorite Couple(s): Wilson/Cuddy

What I want for Christmas is:
- I’d love a fic written just for me. I’ve never received one before so that would be nice. (Fic wise… I HATE smut, fluff or anything that is ooc. I love pieces that really focus on keeping the characters in character and I love angst.)
- I’m REALLY into the movie Across the Universe so…. if you could tie that into something that would be love.
- Love bars and icons are always wonderful.
Current Mood: depressed
08 November 2007 @ 09:29 pm
User Name:chaty1 
I can give:Fanfic or art
I’d like to receive:Anything Huddy/Lisa Edelstein related. A fanfic, video, piece of art. Or anything from below
Favorite Character(s):Lisa Cuddy, Greg House
Favorite Couple(s):Huddy

What I want for Christmas is:
-A year's paid account and extra icons for LJ
-Dakine bag (Sageweed/brown)
08 November 2007 @ 08:20 pm
Name: Tiff
User Name: girlie_girl_23
Email: country_baby_23@yahoo.com
I can give: Well... various things. I can do fanfic, although I haven't written House in a while, so I might be a little rusty. I can do some basic graphics like icons or headers, but like I said... they'd be basic. I can make fanmixes, although they will probably contain at least a song or two of country. I'd love to do snail mail gifts or some sort of online gift. I should have enough money saved up! LOL.
I’d like to receive: Anything you want to make or give me! I love House/Cuddy so any fanfic, fanmixes, graphics, or videos would be awesome. I love Christmas like woah, so you'd be doubly awesome if you could work that in some how, like a Christmas themed fanfic or fanmix or vid or something. Or, anything on my What I want for Christmas list.
Favorite Character(s): Cuddy, House, Wilson, and Chase
Favorite Couple(s): House/Cuddy all the way baby. Also, Chase/Cam.

What I want for Christmas is:
~ I would absolutely LOVE a Wireimage account. Like, any of the levels would be awesome, but if someone would want to pay the, I think $75 for the full out account, I would love you forever. And ever. Or Getty Images. Can you even get a Getty Images account if you're just a normal person and not press? I do not know. But basically either of those two would be incredible.
~ A megaupload account would also be awesome. Even if it's just for a month or whatever.
~ I love music, so any time of mix of your favorite songs or fanmix or whatever is awesome. Burnt CDs or uploaded, either way. I'm really into mashups right now, so anything like that would be great.
~ I am a Christmas whore. Not even kidding. So anything relating to Christmas - music, movies (although I have a lot), anything like that, I would love! Like if you wanted to make a mix of your favorite Christmas songs, that would be incredible. Or, Amazon has the DVD of the Original Christmas Classic shows that I don't have, which would be amazing to have. Or the original How The Grinch Stole Christmas, or any of the Peanuts specials. Anything like that I don't have, and I would love to have them.
~ I enjoy reading, so any good book that you really really love, I'm sure I would love as well.
~ Anything else that is fun or cute, like socks or little games or toys. I love trivia, especially pop culture stuff, so games like that. Nail polish is love, especially darker colors like black or purple or dark reds. Stickers are awesome. And I have an unhealthy obession with Post-It Notes - especially ones that are colors besides yellow.
07 November 2007 @ 11:16 am
Name: Dee
User Name: deelaundry
Email: See my profile
I can give: Fanfic (any pairing or gen), LJ gifts (I won't send by snail mail but could possibly give a gift via Amazon)
I’d like to receive: See below
Favorite Character(s): Wilson
Favorite Couple(s): House/Wilson

What I want for Christmas is:
- Fanfic with House & Wilson getting caught in the act (LOVE)
- Art based on one or more of my fanfics
- Remix based on one of my fanfics
- Crossover fic with Stargate Atlantis
- Really ridiculous funny badfic (bad based on plot and characterization but with good spelling and grammar)
06 November 2007 @ 07:19 pm
Name: Carlee
User Name: loudxmusic
Email: Got.Vicodin@hotmail.com
I can give: A lot. Okay, not a lot, but some. I LOVE fanfic, so I can def. do that, any ship, any rating, I'm comfortable. I will even write House/Cam. Maybe. Yes, it's Christmas, the season of giving, THEREFOR, I will write you House/Cam.

I make videos, so I'd love to make you a House-themed video, or anything else, if you can provide me with a place for clips. I only know places to get House clips, unfourunatley.

I can do a small amount of graphic art, feel free to check out my creative journal, onmybreath. There are a few icon posts and I made my header. I'm kind of a lovebar whore lately, so I can do that, and icons. But don't expect wonders with the icons. I'm a newbie.

I make cards, I WOULD LOVE TO SEND YOU A CARD!!1!!1 :D
I’d like to receive: Anything. Especially a snappy multi-fandom layout. Or icons. If you are wondering, which you probably aren't, I am iwant_sprinkles's biggest icon fan. Seriously.
Favorite Character(s): CUDDY. Chase, then House.
Favorite Couple(s): HOUSE/CUDDY, OMG. Chase/Cam, Cam/Cuddy. And Me/Cuddy. But that's... Yeah.

What I want for Christmas is:
- More then anything? A paid account. rainbowjumpsuit gave me two months, because she is made of sex and is my fellow sister of epic awesome and it ends Nov. 22 [emo panda], but I would LOVE a full year. Or six months. OR ANYTHING. Really. I will take what I can get. The kind with 100 icons, I've always RLY wanted those. And 12 months is kind of expensive so you would make my life. SERIOUSLY.

- MUUUUUSIC. PLZ. I love it. Make me a sexy playlist of all your awesome music. But no rap. Or country. ):

- I would really like a FireWire plugg-in for my computer. I am currently trying to guilt my parents into getting one for me.
05 November 2007 @ 04:15 pm
Name: Tina
Email: ChristinaScamporrino@earthlink.net
I can give:
*Original House MD Digital Drawing/Art (EXAMPLES) I'm really up to drawing anything (*excited* really :D)! ...the pictures would most probably be drawn from scratch in photoshop.. so if you have an art request or certain preference for a picture be sure to include it in your wishlist... otherwise I'll just try to think up something fun with your fave characters c:
I’d like to receive:LOVE.
Favorite Character(s): Wilson, House, Ridiculously Old Guy/Henry, Nurse Brenda
Favorite Couple(s): House/Wilson, or House and Wilson as best buddies... really anything that involves the two of them in the same room.

What I want for Christmas is:
*Any snail mail gift would like make my YEAR xD ..but I'm not sure how my parents would feel about it but I'm not allowed :c
*HW Fanfic C:
*Original Art c:
*House 'Everybody Lies' T-shirt (Med)
*deviantArt subscription
*Any of the dA prints from my wishlist (bigger than 20 inches if the print is offered in that size) (PRINTS WISHLIST)