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15 November 2007 @ 07:49 pm
Christmasy Goodness  
Handle: JF Hero

User Name: samaurai_pyoko</lj>

Email: captain.untouchable@hotmail.com

I can give: Fanfic, or guy art! In real life, I'm a manga-ka for a yaoi publishing company, so yep. Posters! For those of you who can accept snail mail, I hand-pant House-related posters. I have one on my wall right now that is a chibi-Wilson posing that says "SEX-EE!" xD

I’d like to receive: Snail mail! sick!Wilson stories! Art!

Favorite Character(s): Wilson

Favorite Couple(s): House/Wilson

What I want for Christmas is:
-To meet Robert Sean Leonard? (I met David Hewlett, RSL is next on my list, then Hugh Laurie)
-Two words: Wilson Plushie. (Two more words: House Plushie!)
-To go home to my family instead of being stuck alone this year?
-To have a huge House-based Christmas Party at my place in Vancouver, BC? Open to all House fans ^.^
Current Location: Vancouver, BC